Find Your Right Activity For Your Business

    During the early stages of the company formation process in the UAE, you have to decide which activity best describes your business. Not just for the free zone but also for the mainland business activities it’s vitally important you choose the right one. Otherwise, it can have consequences later on if you haven’t picked the right one.

    As part of the free consultation, we provide we will discuss your options in more detail. This will help you find the most suitable activity so you can progress to the next stage without any issues.

    Dubai Mainland is a bustling business hub that offers a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies looking to establish their presence in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    Setting up a business in Dubai mainland provides access to a thriving economy, a diverse consumer base, and a strategic location.Besies, this connects businesses to regional and international markets.


    Popular Business Activity Types

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    Here are some popular activities for Dubai free zone business setup:

    Professional Services

    Real Estate and Construction

    Consultancy and Professional Services

    Healthcare and Medical Services

    Financial Services

    Manufacturing and Industrial Activities

    Tourism and Hospitality

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    Popular business activities in Dubai mainland include trading and import-export, and professional services (such as legal, accounting, and consulting).

    Besides you might consider hospitality and tourism, real estate and construction, manufacturing and industrial activities. Also, healthcare and medical services, education and training, and financial services are seeing an increasing demand.

    Yes, you can start a retail business in Dubai mainland. Dubai mainland allows various types of retail activities. This includes the operation of physical retail stores, online retail, specialized retail outlets, and shopping centres.

    You would need to comply with relevant regulations, obtain necessary licenses, and adhere to specific guidelines set by the Department of Economic Development (DED).

    To set up a construction company in Dubai mainland, you would need to fulfil specific requirements. These may include obtaining the necessary licenses from relevant authorities and appointing a qualified engineer as a partner or employee.

    Furthermore, registering with the Dubai Municipality, meeting minimum capital requirements, and following regulations related to construction activities and safety.

    Establishing a restaurant in Dubai mainland involves several steps. You would need to secure a trade license from the DED and meet hygiene and food safety requirements set by Dubai Municipality.

    Also, you have to find a suitable location with the necessary approvals and apply for the necessary permits. This includes an alcohol license if applicable. Moreover, you have to follow guidelines related to menu pricing, staff accommodations, and health and safety measures.

    Yes, you can start an educational institution in Dubai mainland. However, educational institutions in Dubai mainland must comply with regulations set by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

    This includes meeting specific standards for curriculum, facilities, and teacher qualifications. Moreover, you should obtain the necessary permits and approvals from the KHDA.


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