We simplify the process of choosing the right mainland licence for your UAE business.

    A key part of setting up a mainland business in the UAE involves choosing a license. This allows you to legally trade in the country. Know more about the Dubai mainland license in the UAE.

    A Dubai mainland license refers to a business license issued by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) . This is applicable to companies that operate within the mainland areas of Dubai. Unlike free zones, businesses in the mainland are not limited to specific geographic locations and can operate anywhere in Dubai.

    Whether you set up as a mainland or free zone company the license is a requirement. Especially that you need to be compliant with local regulations and laws. The type of licence you acquire will depend on your company structure. Additionally, will depend on business activities and the jurisdiction you operate in. So you have to determine these aspects before you apply.


    What do you need to get a UAE trade licence?

    The business category you will operate in

    Legal structure (LLC, limited partnership etc.)

    The registration of your trademark (if required)

    The name of your business

    Your business activity type

    Limited partnership

    Your trading name

    Public joint stock company (PJSC)

    Limited liability company (LLC)

    Private joint stock company (PrJSC)

    Mainland Trade Licence Types In The UAE

    Professional trade licence

    You will need this type of licence in the UAE if you are professional offering services such as artisanship, carpentry, repair services, publishing, medical services, IT services and many more. The Department of Economic Development (DED) wants to ensure that your business is qualified to provide these types of services, so you will have to demonstrate training, experience or skills in your chosen area. It enables you to set up the company as a limited liability company (LLC), sole establishment or civil company.

    Commercial trade licence

    If you intend to set up a mainland business involved with the buying and selling of goods and commodities, or any kind of trade activities, then you should apply for a commercial licence. You can use it to form an LLC or a sole establishment entity. Whether it’s electronics or food, or jewellery or toys, a commercial licence permits you to trade in a wide range of goods. Brokerage and real-estate services can also be provided under a commercial trade licence.

    Industrial trade licence

    Businesses that conduct manufacturing or industrial activities will need to apply for an industrial licence. Be aware if you will be involved with the production, segregation, accumulation or packaging that involves the use of a warehouse or converting natural resources or raw materials into products. You will need an industrial licence is the most suitable option. Additional licences may also be required. You can obtain it through the Ministry of Health, Industrial Register or Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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